New Features

  • Supports device XPass D2 Keypad
  • Supports device Face Lite
  • Supports device XPass 2 and XPass 2 Keypad
  • Supports IPv6 (BS2 FW 1.8.0 only)
  • Gets configured server port
  • Supports setting packet response time out
  • User enrollment API BS2_EnrollUser and BS2_EnrollUserEx have been added
  • API BS2UserSmallBlob/BS2UserSmallBlobEx for efficient use of memory in regards to large capacity of BS2UserBlob/BS2UserBlobEx (pointer processing of User Photo area)
  • Supports more than 1000 admin users (Only some devices, higher than BS2 1.8.0, A2 1.7.0, L2 1.5.0, N2 1.2.0, FS 1.3.0, FaceLite 1.0.1, CS40 1.3.0, P2 1.3.0, W2 1.4.0, Xpass 2 1.0.0)
  • Supports fingerprint template quality score
  • Supports file log print

1. Device XPass D2 Keypad is supported.

2. Device Face Lite is supported.

3. Device XPass 2 and XPass 2 Keypad are supported.

4. IPv6 connection is supported.
When initialize SDK, IPv6 is disabled as default.

5. The APIs getting server port have been added.

6. You can set packet response timeout with device.

7. BS2_EnrollUser and BS2_EnrollUserEx for user enrollment API have been added.
It is the exactly same as the existing BS2_EnrolUser and BS2_EnrolUserEx APIs but only changed to correct spelling.


MemberBS2UserPhoto of user structures BS2UserBlob and BS2UserBlobEx is designed to have fixed memory.
Even if you do not use the photo, it uses fixed-size of memory.
It wouldn't be a problem if there are few users to transfer and receive. However, if there are many users, then allocated memory is getting bigger as well.
In 2.6.3, we added API that can use memory more efficiently through pointer processing of BS2UserPhoto.


You can add device operators up to 1000.
Still, you can only add maximum 10 operators if you use the existing structure BS2AuthConfig
In 2.6.3, you can add operators up to 1000 with the new structure with the new API.

The exsiting BS2AuthConfig and operators are valid until you call the new API. However, if at any one time you call the newly added API below, the existing BS2AuthConfigsetting will be ignored so you need to use only the new API and structure.
If you want to use the new API with the new structure, please move the operator list managed by existing BS2AuthConfig securely to the new structure BS2AuthOperatorLevel where can manage 1000 operators.

10. You can check fingerprint template quality score.

11. File log print(debugging) is supported.

Modified features

1. In the past, when upgrading the firmware file, the code sign check was performed by the device.
In 2.6.3 it has been modified to perform in the SDK so that SDK can return an error to improper firmware file.

2. Fixed an issue where all communication could not work intermittently if the socket was disconnected immediately.

3. Fixed an issue where multiple devices could not connect to each other intermittently when attempting SSL connection at the same time.

4. Fixed an intermittent crash when searching for devices.

5. Fixed an issue where intermittent hangs may occur in the memory return stage for terminating the SDK library or for reallocating resources in the library.

6. Fixed an issue where iClass SEOS card device returns wrong error(BS_SDK_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED) when getting card config.

7. Fixed an issue where devices that use different SSL certificate files will not connect intermittently when attempting SSL connection at the same time.

8. Fixed an issue with incorrect floor level in Lift control.

9. Fixed the restriction that the fingerprint template was fixed to 384 bytes when using server matching.

10. Fixed a problem that some fingerprint related APIs did not work in slave device.

11. The supported and unsupported settings for each device may vary.
However, in some cases, timeout error occurs in a setting that is not supported.
This has been modified to return BS_SDK_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED.

12. Fixed the problem that the call result is not returned normally after calling access schedule setting.

13. When the device is connected in server mode, the processing is modified from synchronous to asynchronous.

14. Fixed to clean up sockets that failed to open when initialize SDK.

15. Modified to clear SSL resources at the end of SSL connection.

16. Improved performance when sending and receiving packets in socket.
(If an error occurs, retries every 5ms. After retry 10 times or error 100ms or longer, it prcoessed as disconnected)

17. Modified the meaning of parameters in API event processing thread for better understanding.
BS2_SetMaxThreadCount (~2.6.2):
It sets threads number including reserved threads, not only event processing thread. Minimum value is 8.
6 reserved threads : timer(2), server matching(1), notification(1), TCP processing(1), UDP processing(1)
For example, if you set this as 8, you need to minus reserved threads 6. The number of actual event processing threads is 2.

BS2_SetMaxThreadCount (2.6.3~):
It sets only for event processing thread. Minimum value is 2.

API Default(~2.6.2) Minimum(~2.6.2) Default(2.6.3~) Minimum(2.6.3~)
BS2_SetMaxThreadCount MAX(NumberOfCpuCores*5, 15) 8 MAX(NumberOfCpuCores*5, 15) 2
BS2_SetMaxConnectThreadCount 8 1 8 1

18. Modified to allow to connect devices with the same IP in different port for the API BS2_ConnectDeviceViaIP.

19. [C# Sample] Changed the parameter alarmFlags(BS2Door) to unconditionalLock.

20. [C# Sample] Modified the size of BS2SoundAction and added parameter 'delay'.

21. [C# Sample] LogControl - Modified BS2EventMaskEnum.JOB_CODE to BS2EventMaskEnum.ALL for BS2_GetLogBlob.

22. [C# Sample] CardControl - Removed unnecessary blacklist code.

23. [C# Sample] ConfigControl - Modified startTime.weekDay to endTime.weekDay in BS2_SetDstConfig.

24. [C# Sample] SlaveControl - Added sample for slave device.

25. Added an option to turn on and off card type on a device, rather than reading all card types supported by the device.

26. Sensitivity setting feature for filtering fake faces has been added.

27. Face fast enrollment option has been added.

28. Duplicated face(or fingerprint) check feature has been added.

29. The option to support GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) has been added.