New Features

  • Supports the API retrieving logs filtered by EventMask
  • Supports DesFire Advanced format setting
  • Supports the card type selection feature
  • Supports duplicate fingerprints/face check

1. The API retrieving logs filtered by Event Mask so that you can use memory efficiently than before.

2. DesFire Advanced format setting is now supported.

3. Card type selection is available so that you can select/deselect the card type you want to read fro the device.

4. Duplicate fingerprint and face check is available.

Modified Features

1. Fixed the issue of device malfunctioning and rebooting when BS2Job.numJobs in BS2UserBlobEx exceeds the maximum value 16.

2. Fixed the issue of BioStation 2 not available for user images.

3. Fixed the error BS_SDK_INVALID_CODE_SIGN when upgrading SIO2.

4. Fixed the error BS_SDK_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED when calling BS2_GetCardModel for BLN2-PAB.

5. Fixed the issue that SDK doesn't recognize device disconnection when the device is constantly disconnected.

6. Fixed the issue of Linux SDK crash.