All the devices that are in a fire alarm zone will automatically open their doors when the fire alarm sets off. The alarm is detected through an input port set in the configuration of the zone.

You can set up a fire alarm zone by performing the following steps:

1. On the Doors page, click Add New Door.

2. If devices are connected via the Ethernet, assign one device to one door. For example, if you have two devices, you need to make four doors and assign each device to each door. If devices are connected via RS485, you can assign up to two doors to one door.

1) Right-click a door and choose Add Device.

2) Choose one of the devices you want to add on the Device Tree dialog and click OK.

3. You need to be very careful about the settings of the door. When an input for fire alarm trigger is assigned for Exit Button or Door Status, then the input for fire alarm trigger will be overridden by the settings of the door. For example, when Input 0 and Input 1 are already assigned to Exit Button and Door Status as shown in the figure below, you should use a different input (such as Input 2 or 3) for fire alarm trigger.

4. click Add New Zone.

5. Enter a name for the fire alarm zone and choose Fire Alarm Zone from the Type drop-down list.

6. Click Add Device to add devices to the zone. This brings up the Add Device dialog.

7. Choose devices you want to add and click the right arrow button and then the Save button. One of the devices will be automatically selected as Master Device.

8. Click Add Input to determine the input type for the zone. The input specified here will be used to set off the fire alarm.

9. Configure the settings and click OK. In this example, we use Input 3 for the fire alarm trigger since we've already used Input 0 and 1 for other purposes.

10. Click Apply to transfer the settings to the devices.

When you release the fire alarm, all the doors will not close at once.
In the Monitoring menu you will have to check the status of each door and set it back to normal to close the doors.