Troubleshooting T&A Reports with Wrong Results

Please see if you know the answers to the questions below to resolve your T&A report issue.

The TA device menu only applies to BioStar 1.8 and above.

Please check if the device is on the [Selected Devices] on T&A > TA Device menu.

Even if it appears on the [Selected Devices] please click Apply to double confirm. Sometimes the configuration is not applied in the database until you press Apply.

Checking the user event log

Is the result appearing wrong on the report or did the user not punch in at all?
You can check by checking the event log based on user.
1. Click on the User menu.
2. Select a user.
3. Click on the Event tab.
4. Select a time period you need to check.
5. Click Get Log.

Uploading the logs manually

It is possible that the logs did not upload to BioStar Server properly.
Follow the instructions below to manually upload the logs to the server:
1. Go to the Monitoring menu.

2. Click Upload Log.

If the device is not on server mode and the device time was wrong, your time sync may be wrong.
In that case, refer to the link below to configure the device to server mode and synchronize the time with server.
Automatic time synchronization

Additionally, if the device time had a time that is further in the future than what the server time was, the log index might be wrong so the log will not upload automatically to the server. In that case refer to the link How to troubleshoot if logs aren't uploading automatically in server mode to resolve your issue.

Please check that you upgraded BioStar properly and ran DBSetup.exe.Upgrade instructions are shown below.
How to Upgrade BioStar 1

If you use T&A keys, the option of First Check-in / Last Check-out on Daily Schedule will be ignored.

If you have sequential events of the same kind, the logic of BioStar 1 T&A is as follows:
a. Only the last IN of multiple IN is calculated.
b. Only the first OUT of multiple OUT is calculated.

Below is a sample of IN IN IN OUT sequence.
The first 2 IN are ignored.

Below is a sample of IN OUT OUT OUT event sequence.
The last 2 OUT are ignored.

Please refer to the following attachment for more information about basic T&A configuration and issues: