How to Configure Alerts

The alert feature is used to notify the BioStar administrator when specific device/door/zone/authentication event occurs.

The Alert history can be accessed through BioStar 2 → Monitoring → Alert History

Or by clicking on the alert count located on the bottom right corner of the BioStar web client.

BioStar 2 alert messages get displayed for administrative level users in three ways.

1. BioStar 2 → Monitoring → Real-time Log

The specified event will be colored red on the real-time log.

Note: The color of the alert message cannot be customized)

2. A popup message on the screen of BioStar 2

An alert popup message appears, and then the administrator can either click acknowledge or ignore.

[Alert Message can be customized :follow “Configuring the Popup Message” at the bottom of this article]

3. An alert sound Particular alert sound will be played at the occurrence of the event.

The sound feature is only available BioStar 2 version 2.3 or above

==== Configuring the Real-time Log Event Message ====

1. Click on SettingALERT.

2. Click on the checkbox for the events you want alerts for and click Apply.

3. Now the checked event will appear red on the Real-time log when the event occurs.

==== Configuring the Popup Message ====

1. Click SettingsALERT to access the Alert menu.
2. Click on the document icon on the right side of a particular alert message you want to customize

3. Enter your message and click Apply to save the settings.

==== Configuring the Sound Alert ====

1. Click SettingsPREFERENCE.
2. Click + Add button in the Sound tab.

3. Browse your PC and add a sound file.

4. Click Add and then click Apply.
5. Click SettingsALERT.
6. Click on the document icon of a desired event.
7. On the Sound Name drop box select the sound you uploaded on the preference menu.
8. Select your play option.

Play Options Once will run the sound file once

Play Options Loop until acknowledge will run the sound until user clicks acknowledge on the popup menu that appears when the event occurs.