How to Configure BioStar 2 Server Ports

BioStar 2 service uses numerous ports for its features.
To provide an easy method to change the utilized ports of BioStar 2, BioStar 2.6 introduces the feature to configure port usage on the BioStar Client.

1. Log in to BioStar 2 with an administrator account with Setting configuration privileges.
2. Click Port(located on top left of BioStar 2 main page).
3. Click the pencil icon to edit the port usage.

BioStar v2.7.5 or higher version allows to change the port 9000.

4. If the port is being used by another service, the availability will be shown in realtime.

5. Select a different port that is not being used.
6. Click the pencil icon again to apply the setting.
7. Click Apply.

If you change the HTTP Port or HTTS Port while using that protocol to connect to the BioStar Client, you will lose connection to the web client.
If you want to change your connection mode from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa, refer to How to configure HTTP or HTTPS protocol