How to use video

Video integration of BioStar2 – It’s simple integration to see recorded video and picture from NVR for certain log events.
For video/picture confirmation, Realtime monitoring is supported by BioStar2 in BioStar 2.6.2 and above.
Refer to the following article: How to Configure Live Video View.

Note: In BioStar 2.5, the video feature is only supported for the 64bit Maria DB version. It is not supported with 32bit and MSSQL DB. In BioStar 2.6 and above, video feature is supported with MSSQL database.
BioStar2 installation path stores a video file and an image file (C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)\ve\records)

System administrator should manage the storage of HDD

These files will be kept for minimum 2 weeks as default parameter

The period can be adjusted more than 2 weeks (Maximum 15 weeks)

If the remaining storage of C drive is less than 10%, past recording files will be deleted in accordance with BioStar2 setting

1. Confirm if BioStar2 Server machine is installed on x64 machine.

2. Confirm if Video Server of BioStar Setting is running.

3. Confirm if a license of BioStar2 AC standard is activated.

The below screenshot is for BioStar2 v2.5. You will need to have Video license additionally if you are using BioStar v2.6.

4. Confirm if you add a device and configure a door. Video configuration will operate in accordance with a log event of a configured door of a device.

5. Click on [Video] menu.

Supported NVR : ACTi, Dahua, Hikvision
Please confirm the following information and check your NVR connection with BioStar2 2.5 before you proceed your project.

1. Hikvision NVR

1) SDK version: v5.2.771

2) Tested NVR list : DS-7608NI-E2, DS-7616NI-E2, iVMS4200 v2.4(PC-NVR)

2. Dahua NVR

1) SDK version: v2.14.50523

2) Tested NVR list : DH-NVR608-32-4K, DH-NVR4416, SmartPSS V1.13.1.R.20160504(PC-NVR)

3. Acti NVR

1) SDK version: v3.0.12.42

2) Tested NVR list : NVR3 V. Enterprise(PC-NVR)

6. Click [Add New NVR] > Enter information of NVR

7. To add a camera of NVR, click [Add New Camera] or right click on the NVR list.

8. Click one of the added camera and confirm the camera and configure certain log event to take a video or picture

Log type: Choose one of log types. It supports Video type and Image type

Door: Choose one of doors to take a video/image from NVR

Event: Choose certain logs from all log list. Biostar2 will keep the recorded video/image for the certain logs

9. Make the certain log event to check the settings with NVR

Biostar2 will indicate the video/image after 3 mins.

10. Go to Monitoring menu and click Event log

11. Confirm the log event and see [view] list. To confirm the recorded data from NVR, click [ ▷ ] or an image icon to the view list.

12. If you click on [Large screen] from the left side, you can confirm large size of video file/image file.