How to control device LED with a third party controller

When you use a Suprema device to send Wiegand signals to a controller, you will always have one LED / Sound type that shows on reading the card regardless of authentication success or fail on the controller side.
In BioStar version 2.4 and above, you can control the device LED / Sound with the controller using the device input.

You must update the firmware of the devices to the version compatible with BioStar 2.4.

Refer to the BioStar 2 Overview > Versions menu in the administrator guide for compatible firmware versions.
You can access it by pressing the Help button.

The devices that can use the LED / Sound control features are as follows:

  • Xpass S2, BioEntryPlus, BioEntryW, BioEntryW2
  • BioLiteNet, BioStation L2, BioStation 2, BioStation A2

1. Log in to BioStar 2.
2. Go to DEVICE menu.
3. Click on the desired device.
4. Go to Advanced > Trigger & Action.
5. Click + Add.
6. On Trigger select Input.
7. Choose which input Port will be used for this function.
8. Configure the Switch, Duration of the input signal, and used Schedule as necessary.
9. On Action select Function.
10. On the Configuration option choose your desired action.

[Configuration options of devices with LCD]

[Configuration options of devices without LCD]

Configuration - BioStation 2 input 0 configured to Access Granted and BioStation 2 input 1 configured to Access Denied.
Result - On making a signal to input 0, the device will show an Access Granted icon and make an Access Granted sound.
On making a signal to input 0, the device will show an Access Denied icon and make an Access Denied sound.