How to enroll fingerprints through BioMini via Mobile app

BioStar mobile app now supports BioMini / BioMini Plus2 connection for fingerprint enrollment. Once the enrollment is made, the fingerprint data is automatically saved in the server, and transferred to all connected devices.

Main benefit lies in that users can enroll fingerprints at any locations without having to approach to a device. Because, mobile app is communicating through BioStar cloud and server.

Supported version & devices

- BioStar Mobile app 2.4.1 version - Android OS mobile devices (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above) can be used.

iOS mobile devices are not supported due to iOS policy

- BioMini & BioMini Plus 2 are supported.

BioMini Plus 2 is supported in BioStar 2.6.0 or above.
The following models out the Biomini and Biomini Plus 2 models are not supported
- BioMini SFU400 (OC2 sensor)
- BioMini Plus SFU-500 (OH sensor)
Check your model name by looking at the sticker below the device

How to use

Enroll or edit a user and select Poratble Device(BioMini) after connecting BioMini. You will see default setting pop-up asking for your permission when you BioMini is connected for the first time. After selecting the check-box and OK button, it needs to select '+' button one more time to continue the process.

Demo Video