Before you start, please check the system requirements

Refer to the FAQ page

From BioStar 2.8.0, Personal Data Encryption is 'ENABLED' as a default setting.

Refer to the [BioStar 2] BioStar 2.8.0 New Features and Configuration Guide

1. Run the setup file according to the server OS version. If it is 64bit OS, run the setup file named BioStar 2 Setup(x64).xxxx.exe.

2. Choose the language and check to accept the agreement.

3. Decide the database installation type.

  • Express installation automatically install BioStar 2 default database, MariaDB.
  • Custom Installation is required when installing BioStar 2 DB instance in the existing database, such as MSSQL and MariaDB.

4. When Express Installation is selected, enter the root database password according to the requirement. When Custom Installation is selected, enter the existing database IP, Port, and account information.

It's very important to keep the password not to be lost, since it's necessary to enter when upgrading the sever version.

5. Select the location where BioStar 2 will be installed. We recommend to install at the default location.

6. Check the port availability and change it when the default is taken by another application.
7. Select components you want to install. For the case of using BioMini or USB card enrollment device at a HR desk, It's necessary to install USB device Agent.

8. Check the details and click 'Install' button to start.

9. Wait the installation progress until it finishes. Try not to stop the installation during the progress.

10. Also, BioStar setting will be shown along with a pop-up asking for a USB card enrollment device driver installation. If you want to use a USB card enrollment device at the installed server PC, please continue to install the driver.

11. After finishing the installation, check the BioStar Setting to confirm the system status.

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