This error happens when the cloud which is used in BioStar v2.3.0 or below version(V1 API) is re-activated in BioStar v2.4.0 or above version(V2 API). In the other word, since the cloud setting configured with V1 API is not automatically updated to the configuration of V2 API when BioStar SW is upgraded, this error is generated.


1. Stop BioStar Server.

2. Go to the below path.

  • C:\Program Files\BioStar 2(x64)

3. Open a file named setting.conf

4. Modify setting values(version, use_cloud, account_id) in the cloud section like below screenshot.

“version”: “v2”
“use_cloud”: “0”
“account_id”: “”

5. Restart BioStar Server.

6. Reconfigure cloud settings in BioStar SW.