How to sync user data enrolled/edited from the device

What is the device enrolled/edited user data sync?

User data sync was only supported from the server side only up to 2.7.0 version.
From BioStar 2 2.7.1v, the device side enrolled/edited user data can be automatically synced to the other devices.
This functionality works by checking user enrolled/edited logs from the server side. When the user enroll/edited logs are uploaded to the server, the server pulls the user data from the device, and updates it, and syncs to the other devices.

In case of having the same user data in the server, the device side user data are merged to the server DB. In other words, the already existing user fields in the server side won't be affected and only the vacant user fields are updated as below.

Please note that the ‘user data delete’ from the device won't affect the server side user data.

How to use

1. Go to the server setting and select 'All Devices(including user update from device)' and apply.

2. Enroll or edit users from the device. The user update succeeded logs can be seen from the monitoring logs as below.

- User update succeeded (BioStar): it refers user update event by syncing data from server to device.
- User update succeeded (Device): it refers user update event occurred at the device side.

Note that there can be 'Fail to save to the server DB' events when the server fails to update the DB. In this case, the updated user data are only reflected on the device side.

Please note that it can affect the server response speed when massive user update logs are generated by using this feature heavily.