BioStar 2 API VA System Integration Case | illisis

  • Partner Name: illisis
  • Type & Solution : Video Analytic Solution Provider
  • Location : South Korea

illisis is an intelligent video analytic solution system provider. By making an API level integration with BioStar 2, they now have a solution which can deliver additional values with seamless access control monitoring functionalities.


BioStar 2 Installation Case | GKL(Grand Korea Leisure)

  • Site Name: GKL(Grand Korea Leisure)
  • Location: South Korea
  • Vertical Type: Office Building
  • Application Type: Access Control
  • No of Device: 39 units of BioStation 2, 39 units of Xpass
  • Installation Time : Q3 2015

The customer was using two card types, Mifare and HID Prox, and wanted to use the access control system covering the both card types and future biometric demand. The Suprema domestic team made a natural appearance with a combination of BioStation 2 device for Mifare card type and Xpass for Hid Prox card type.