Zone Control API > BS2_SetGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpenHandler

[+ 2.7.0] Registers callback function for global determination when an APB violation alarm occurs.
Generally, Global APB API BS2_SetCheckGlobalAPBViolationHandler determines access with the user authentication only.
On the other hand, Global APB By Door Open has two steps; i) User authentication ii) Actual access based on the door sensor.
First, OnCheckGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpen is called after a user authentication.
Second, OnUpdateGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpen is called after checking the door sensor to figure out if the user actually accessed the door.
The final status is updated through OnUpdateGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpen


#include "BS_API.h"
int BS2_SetGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpenHandler(void* context, OnCheckGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpen ptrCheck, OnUpdateGlobalAPBViolationByDoorOpen ptrUpdate);


  • [In] context : Context
  • [In] ptrCheck : Callback function called for global determination when Anti Passback alarm occurs
  • [In] ptrUpdate : Callback function called for updating status of the authenticated user.

To use Global Anti Passback service, set BS2AuthConfig useGlobalAPB = true,
and BS2DoorSensor apbUseDoorSensor = true.

Return Value

If successfully done, BS_SDK_SUCCESS will be returned.
If there is an error, the corresponding error code will be returned.

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