You can create custom administrators with different administrative privileges. There are seven different menus with three different access permissions.

1. Go to Administrator > Admin Account. This brings up the Admin Account List dialog.

2. Click Custom Level Setting. This brings up the Custom Level List dialog.

3. Click Add Custom Level. This brings up the Add/Modify Custom Level dialog.

4. Type in a name for the Name field.

5. You can optionally enter the description as well.

6. Select a menu from the Select Menu for Custom Level drop-down list and assign one of the three permissions for the menu. Then, click Add.

7. Repeat step no. 6 until you have completed the permission assignment for all the menus.

  • All Rights: The account will be granted all privileges
  • Modify: The account will be granted all privileges except the privileges to create or delete administrator and operator accounts.
  • Read: The account will only be allowed to read information.

8. Click Save to finish the process.