BioStation T2 uses a 4-pin connector for RS485 Cable.

1. Secure IO Wiring
Connect TRX+ (blue) to TRX+ pin, TRX- (yellow) to TRX- pin, GND (black) to TRX GND pin as shown below.

2. BioStation T2 Wiring RS485 cable should be connected to “RS485-1”.

3. When the device and Secure I/O are all wired correctly, press “SYNC” on your Secure I/O. When successfully synced, the device will make a ‘ding-dong-dang’ sound.

Always check if you have used correct cable. BioStation and BioStation T2 use a different 4-pin connector.

Adding Secure IO in BioStar

1. Go to Device, right click the BioStation T2 device then click Add Device (Serial).

2. When the BioStar successfully finds Secure IO, click Next.

3. Click Add then Finish.

4. You have now SIO connected to BioStation T2.