When you configure zones on the BioStar client, you need to set master/slave relationships between the devices that belong to the same zone. You can connect the master device with the slave devices via RS485. In this case, you can collect log records of the slave devices through the master device.

In this example, we will set master/slave relationships between devices in the same access zone.

1. For starters, we create an access zone. Go to the Doors page and click Add New Zone.

2. Configure the Add New Zone dialog and click OK.

3. Click Add Device to add devices to the zone. This brings up the Add Device dialog. Choose devices you want to add. The master/slave relationship will be automatically created.

4. Choose the options on the Details tab. You can choose what to synchronize between the devices in the zone.

  • Synchronize User Info: This automatically synchronizes user information of the devices.
  • Synchronize Log Data: This automatically synchronizes log records of the devices.
  • Synchronize Time: This automatically synchronizes the times of the devices.

5. Click Apply to complete the configuration.