An error message is the most common way for BioStar to tell you that something is wrong. In this document, we would like to introduce troubleshooting guides for most common error message, Fail to save data to server, you might see on BioStar.

When you use BioStar, you may receive one of the following error messages:
Fail to save data to server
When you try to add new user, transfer all users to device and manage users in device, you may receive the same error message.


This issue can occur if BioStar database structure is different, or BioStar server is not running, or BioStar database is damaged or modified.


Case 1. Different database Structure

If the BioStar and database version are different, BioStar may generate such error message. If this is the case, please follow the step below to resolve this issue.

1. Run “Windows Task manager”. Please end the “BSServer.exe” process.

2. Go to [C:\Program Files\BioStar\server] then run a DBSETUP.exe.

Case 2. BioStar Server not running

1. Run “BioStar Server Config” to see if the server is still running.

2. If the server is not running, then start the server again. Before starting the server, please make sure that the server process is not running in the background. Run “Windows Task manager”. Please end the “BSServer.exe” process before restarting.