The real-time clock on a device periodically needs to be corrected. When the time is different from device to device, it could cause a serious security issue and will have inaccurate time and attendance records.

When the synchronization feature is on, the device tries to synchronize its time with the server time every one minute. Previously, the time synchronization interval was one hour. To make the interval one minute, you need to upgrade the firmware on the device to the latest one.

How to turn on the automatic time synchronization feature

First, you need to get the device to connect to the PC via the server mode to use the automatic time synchronization feature.

  1. Go to the Network tab of the Device page.
  2. Select the Use radio button under the Server section.
  3. Enter the IP address and the port number of your BioStar Server (figure 1). You can check the IP address and port number from the BioStar Server Config program (figure 2).
  4. Set the Time sync with Server checkbox.
  5. Click Apply to transfer the network settings to the device.

Figure 1

Figure 2