How to use Leave Management function

If you want to authorize Leave to an employee/employer, you can utilize Leave Management tool.

A Leave can be a various types of absence such as personal leave (vacation or time-off), family incidents (death or accidents), maternity leave (fraternity leave), Work off-site or business trips, or military service or jury duty(citizenship duties). Some of these can be taken into account as a part of worktime(paid time-off), or not considered as part of worktime(non-paid time-off).

Scenario in this example:
An employer(Administrator) needs to go for his military service duty on Nov 1st, 2018.

The purpose of using Leave Management is to identify if an employee/employer is entitled to have paid time-off or non-paid time-off.
Worked: paid time-off(counted as a part of worktime)
Non-worked: non-paid time-off(not considered as part of worktime)

*Because the military service duty is not taken off of the employer's entitled leave for the year, it will be considered as “Worked” leave in this example.

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1)Connect to BioStar 2 Client and then go to Time Attendance tab, and click on “Add Time Code” button

2)Check on “Leave Management” tab of Type, set the name and description, and then create it by clicking Apply
- as mentioned, military service will be considered paid time-off, thus this Leave Management will be created as “worked.”

3)Create shift as you require, hit Apply & Next

4)Create schedule template as you require

5) Add schedule as you wish

6) Now when the schedule is created, you will be able to see it on the left-hand column. Expand it and click on a user to see his or her individual schedule in calendar format.

7) Click on anywhere on the calendar to authorize Leave for this employer, you can see that a menu is created to offer you options of “Add Temporary Schedule” or “Add Leave.” Click on “Add Leave.”

8) You will see an “Edit Leave” popup window, you can now set Leave for this employer. Select the appropriate time code for Leave menu bar. If you would like to authorize only a specific part of a day for absence check on “Use Time” box then you can allow this employee to only leave for a certain part of a day. You can also set Start Date and End Date of this leave, and can select other users in “Apply to Other Users” if you would like to apply this leave to multiple users. Lastly, the comment box offers an option to leave a memo for the Leave.

For the case of assigning specific part of the day for the Leave, check on Use Time checkbox. Normally from the set Day Start Time till the set End of the Day would be used.

9) Now when you click OK, you can see that this leave is now authorized for this user on his or her calendar.

10) Go to Report section, set the desired information on period, report type, column setting, user, and press “Update Report” after check on Rebuild Time Card. You will see that the Leave that you assigned for the user is now shown on the report.