New Features and Improvements

1. Supports QR code recognition and authentication using the camera.

2. Supports activating licenses for use of specific features on devices.

3. Improved LED operation according to illuminance.

4. Supports Thai font.

5. Added Japanese regulatory certification electronic notation.

6. Improved performance of the authentication result displayed when face authentication is performed from a slave device.

7. Improved smartcard output byte order setting.

  • When using Wiegand or OSDP output, it is improved to be affected by the smartcard output byte order when the Wiegand output information is set to send user ID.

8. Improved performance of the authentication result and LED action.

9. Improved scrolling performance in lists when querying users or logs.

10. Improved call failure pop-up messages and end call operation when SIP Intercom when there is no response from the other party.

11. Optimized camera performance to enhance face and QR authentication performance in various illuminance environments.

12. Improved mask detection algorithm.

13. Improved to display an error message when pressing OK when there are unentered items from SIP Setting in the Intercom of the device.

14. Improved face anti-spoofing performance.

Bug Fixes

1. Applying an invalid custom resource causes the device to restart. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

2. Face authentication fails on a slave device when the master device restarts without having any Auth Mode. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

3. Changing the Auth Timeout in BioStar 2 does not apply to the device. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

4. An issue where an administrator with the device setup operating level can initialize the device. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

5. Intermittently, the door does not open even if authentication succeeds when the door uses the slave device's relay. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

6. When face authentication is performed while pressing the Call button on the main screen to use the Intercom, only the main screen is displayed instead of the intercom screen. (Affects version: v1.0.0)