For devices with the new SE processor, after upgrading the firmware to v2.1.0 or higher, you cannot downgrade to a lower version and downgrade the firmware customized in the lower version.
Devices with existing SE processor can be downgraded to a lower version.
For more information, check the serial number of the device and contact the Suprema (

New features and improvement

1. Improved to select and update only the desired information when updating user information. (Compatible with BioStar v2.9.0 or higher)

2. Improved face authentication speed.

3. Improved Face Detection Setting

  • Detection Distance, Wide Search option support.

4. Enhancement in the upgrade package encryption.

Bug Fixes

1. User ID information was not included when using the BS2_GetLogSmallBlobEx function in the SDK to load the event log for the device's mask detection and temperature measurement operation. (Affects version: v1.1.2)

2. When authenticating on the device where Mask Detection is set and the mask detection method set to Check After Authentication, the Access Success (Check Only) event occurs. (Affects version: v2.0.1)

3. In BioStar v2.9.x, a user transferred to the device having a blurry image as visual face credential gets enrolled normally. (Affects version: v2.0.3)

4. Face gets enrolled normally even if a duplicate face exists on the device. (Affects version: v2.0.3)

5. In the process of enrolling a face on the device, the scanned face image is tilted. (Affects version: v2.0.3)

6. Improved the structure to prevent authentication fail caused by broken database or cache memory. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

7. Door Locked event occurs when input signal gets detected while configured to Arm/Disarm by input signal. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

8. When Dynamic ROI is activated on a device installed using the TCM-10 and the temperature is measured, the background behind the face is also detected and the temperature is measured higher than the actual temperature. (Affects version: v2.0.1)

9. Face authentication suddenly does not work on a device that has been using face authentication for a certain period of time (about 50 days or more). (Affects version: v2.0.3)