Before you activate

1. What is supported with BioStar 2's licenses?

Refer to the FAQ article for details.

2. What are the global zone and local zone?

  • Global Zone : TCP/IP based zone configuration (BioStar 2 server is a master of the zone)
  • Local Zone : RS485 based zone configuration (Master device is a master of the zone)
  • The zone master makes a logical decision and controls functionality

How to activate from BioStar 2?

1. Go to the global setting and click SERVER.

2. Check if the server is connected to the Internet, and be able to activate through online.

3. Enter the customer site name and activation key, and click Activate. You can receive activation key from Suprema or your local distributor.

4. If the server is not connected to the Internet, click Request offline Key and download offline key request file.

5. Send the offline key request file to Suprema and receive the offline license key in return.

6. Activate the license and check the information about compatible FW versions to use the updated new features.

7. Activated license status can be checked from the Server setting and About.

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