How to Configure a T&A Device

You must configure T&A devices and the devices’ T&A mode in order for the devices’ logs to be reflected on the T&A report.

1. Go to the Time Attendance menu.
2. Click on the setting (gear) icon.

3. Check the devices you want to use as a T&A device.
4. Click + Register.

Now the devices will appear on the Registered Devices list.

Device with a touchscreen/keypad and devices without them have different options for T&A Modes.

Available T&A Modes by device type
With touchscreen/keypad: Not Use, By User, By Schedule, Last Choice, Fixed
Without touchscreen/keypad: Not Use, By Schedule, Fixed

Below is a configuration of a T&A mode where the user has to enter a T&A event(punch-in) after authentication.
1. Select By User for T&A Mode.
2. Change T&A Required to Yes.
3. For Code 1, set Label to Checking In.
4. For Code 1, set the T&A type to Check In.
5. For Code 2, set the Label to Checking Out.
6. For Code 2, set the T&A type to Check Out.
7. Click Apply.

Now when a user authentication succeeds, the device screen will display the option of Check In or Check Out and the user will have to select one to record the punch in.

There are 6 different T&A Punch Log types - Check In, Check Out, Break Start, Break End, Meal Time Start, Meal Time End.

The meanings of the available T&A Modes are as follows:

By User: User will have to select their T&A event type. If T&A Required is checked on, authentication will not complete until the user select’s hir or her T&A event type.

By Schedule: The T&A type will change automatically based on the schedule that is configured. You can create a new schedule in Setting > Schedule > Add Schedule.

Last Choice: The T&A type will remain with the last choice made by the user. For instance, if a user entered using the Check In T&A type, the device T&A type will remain as Check In until someone else changes it.

Fixed: The T&A type will always be one fixed T&A type. The user will not have to press a T&A key.

Not Use: The T&A type is not recorded. This may be an option if you are not calculating break times and are only using First Check-in & Last Check-out option in your shift.