Applied version: BioStar2 v2.6 or higher version

In BioStar2 v2.6, you can make a trigger and an action for user authentication event.

For duress authentication success, you can configure the trigger and action as below.

Note: Duress Finger is a special fingerprint chosen to trigger certain event upon the authentication by it. If a user authenticates himself/herself with a duress fingerprint, the authentication gets recorded in a log as duress fingerprint authentication. The system administrator can set a separate alarm using the log.

1) Go to User Menu and enroll two fingerprint templates

2) Choose [Duress] option for one of the fingers and then, click [Enroll] button

3) Click [Apply] of user information

4) Go to [Device] menu and click one of the connected devices

5) Click [Advance]

6) Go to [Trigger&Action] of the device configuration and click [Add]

7) Search the event type like [1:N duress] or [1:1 duress] from the event list of Trigger and select it.

8) Choose output of Action to make output signal from selected port

You can’t select used relay port such as a door and another action item.

For signal setting, click [Add signal] and make the configuration

9) Select the predefined signal setting and click [Apply]

10) Go to monitoring menu and confirm the log event and action.