How to Configure Group Matching

Group Matching is a feature that has been introduced in BioStar 2.4.1.
It is used for FaceStation 2 to allow 1:n matching up to 5000 users.

If you are not familiar with 1:n or 1:1 matching, refer to the FAQ link.

The reason why FaceStation 2 allows matching up to 3000 users is not because of the lack of storage space in the device, but because our algorithm is designed to guarantee a satisfactory performance up to that level.

Group matching matches users only in the group that is specified. One matching group still has a maximum of 3000 users, but by combining multiple groups, you can have up to 5000 users in 1:n mode.

- You can create a maximum of 10 matching groups
- Each group can hold up to 3000 face templates (1 face template enrolled per user)
- Total sum of face templates with group matching (all groups combined) cannot exceed 5000

1. Log in to BioStar 2.
2. Click on Setting.
3. Click Face Group Matching.

4. Set Group Matching to Use.
5. On Group Matching Device Settings click +Add.
6. Select your FaceStation 2 device.
7. Click Add.
8. On Matching Group Settings click +Add.
9. On the Group Name label enter the desired group name.

10. On the User Group dropdown list, select one or multiple user groups that will be included in the group.
11. Click Apply.
12. Sync the device in the DEVICE menu.

Now when FaceStation 2 detects a face, the face group matching option will pop up.

The user will have to tap on their group and then the device will scan the user’s face for authentication.