In BioStar 2.5.0 or below, the wiegand input signal can be processed after you add the 3rd-party device as wiegand device. This means that you cannot regard the 3rd-party device as one device with Suprema reader. For example, if you should use the special card which is not supported in Suprema reader with the authentication mode “Card + Fingerprint”, you may connect 3rd-party reader with Suprema reader via Wiegand. At this point, many customers would like to deal with the card authentication event as if it is generated in one device.
From BioStar 2.6.0, we will introduce new feature “One device Mode”. In this feature, if the wiegand input is configured in device setting and then wiegand signal is generated without adding 3rd-party reader as wiegand reader to master device, the wiegand signal will be received in master device (Suprema reader).

How to configure?

You can configure One Device Mode without any additional task. You should just connect 3rd-party device with Suprema reader using wiegand cable.

1. Connect 3rd-party device with Suprema reader using wiegand cable. At this point, the wiegand input port should be connected in Suprema reader.
2. Set connection mode to either Master or Default.

One Device(Legacy) Mode supports all types of device if wiegand input setting is configured. The SLAVE device does not support One Device Mode. Only Master or Default(Standalone) can be supported.

3. Change Format Type into Wiegand and select the suitable wiegand format. In addition, select Wiegand Card Format.

4. In the Advanced Setting, configure Wiegand Input/Output into Input and then select the suitable In/Out Format.

5. We will test “Card + Fingerprint” authentication with these setting.
5-1. In Suprema reader, we configure Auth Mode to “Card + Fingerprint”.

5-2. Once you succeed in card authentication on 3rd-party device, wiegand input signal will sent to Suprema reader. After that, Suprema reader requests you to scan fingerprint on it. If you succeeded in scanning fingerprint on Suprema reader, below event will happen as if “Card + Fingerprint” authentication is generated in one device.

Supported Device & Firmware version: