How to delete personal information when issuing Access on card

When you use an AoC (Access on Card) the user biometric and access information can be stored in the card.
By using this smart card feature you may want to leave no personal information on the server.
In previous versions of BioStar 2 it was very inconvenient to manually delete personal information on the DB for major projects.
From BioStar 2.6.0, the option has been added, which automatically deletes personal information from the server when issuing AoC to eliminate this inconvenience.
Following personal informations are deleted : PIN, fingerprint, face, email, phone, birthday, gender (birthday, gender are data only in DB)

Setting>Server>Delete personal & credential data when issuing an AoC
When you turn on the option above, all personal information will be deleted automatically when issuing Access on Card.