Active Directory is supported starting with BioStar 2.7.5. However, the initial Active Directory feature was inconvenience because it wasn't able to selectively synchronize user information. Beginning with BioStar 2.7.8, the 'User group' section has been added to Active Directory to enable selectively synchronization of user information.

If you go to Setting-Active Directory, you can set up Active Directory setting with the screen below. Red square area 'User group' is newly added since 2.7.8.

The initial value is 'Inactive', which synchronizes all users.

Once you toggle to 'Active', it synchronizes users according to the 'User Group Base DN' and 'User Group' setting.

User Group Base DN
* When you click the button 'Pull User Group' after inserting value, the user group information of AD server is imported. (Initial value 'None' before the button click)

User Group
* If 'User Group' is selected, 'Update' button is activated.
* The information is saved once you click 'Update'. If the user group information is not updated at least once, an error popup occurs when attempting to synchronize.
* If 'Pull User Group' is selected again, reset the existing User Group settings.

User Group information on AD is not displayed in BioStar.