You can enroll fingerprint on BioMini by calling BioStar 2 API.

BioMini is only enrollment device but can't authenticate fingerprint. Thus, it doesn't appear in GET/devices.

To utilize BioMini with BioStar 2 API, you should download BioMini SDK and install it. If you need BioMini SDK, contact our sales team (

Step 1:

Install BioMini SDK and copy two DLL files in the path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Suprema\BioMini\bin).

  • UFScanner.dll
  • Suprema.UFScanner.dll

Paste the copied files to your project.

Step 2:

In your project, add the DLL titled “Suprema.UFScanner” as reference and add the namespace Suprema.

Step 3:

Declare variables and constant. Then, initialize and configure BioMini.

  • Line 18, 44: The size of fingerprint template is 384 bytes.

Step 4:

Create new function in order to enroll fingerprint on BioMini.

  • Line 233~236: 1 fingerprint should have 2 templates respectively so that you need to declare two variables for storing each template.
  • Line 247~267: Scan Fingerprint with BioMini. (One fingerprint with two templates)

If you would like to get overall sample code for C#, contact us (