Configuring Wiegand In & Out at the same time is required when special card reader which is not produced by Suprema is used under the environment where Suprema reader is connected with 3rd party controller. In this case, Wiegand Input signal is sent to Suprema reader when special card is scanned on the special card reader. Once Suprema reader receives the Wiegand Input signal from special reader, it requests you to authenticate your identity with means of additional authentication.
For example, if you use the authentication mode “Card + Fingerprint”, you should first scan the special card on the special card reader which is not produced by Suprema. After that, wiegand input signal is sent to the Suprema reader, you should scan your fingerprint on Suprema reader. Then, wiegand output signal is sent to 3rd party controller.

Supported Device
  • The Device which has two ports for wiegand.
  • BioStation 2, BioStation A2, FaceStation 2

How to configure?

1. Go to Device setting.
2. Extend Advanced setting of device.
3. Select Input/Output option for Wiegand.