How to Check Suprema Device’s IP & MAC Address Manually

There may be several reasons why you would like to know the MAC address of a Suprema device:

  1. You do not have a DHCP server and need to give IP address based on a MAC address
  2. You do not know the IP of your device and are having difficulty searching it through BioStar’s search function
  3. You are using static IP but are unsure if you have already allocated the IP address to another device.

The PC you are using has to be on the same network of the device to use these commands

1. Finding IP and MAC addresses of all devices on the local network:

  • Type ‘arp –a’ on a command prompt

2. Finding a device’s MAC address based on IP address:

  • Type ‘arp –a [ip address] on a command prompt

If you would like to find the device’s IP based on the MAC address you can follow the steps below.
1. Check your device ID written on the device label on the back of the device.
2. Change the device ID into hexadecimal numbers. One option is to use Windows’ Calculator.
3. Open Windows Calculator and press alt + 3 to change to the programmer’s calculator.
4. Select Dec and input the device ID.

5. Click Hex. Result is 20471BC5. This is going to be the latter half of the MAC address.

6. Check the MAC address chart below to see what the first half of the MAC address will be.
7. My device is an A2, so the MAC address will start with 00-17-FC-47-XX-XX.
8. Hence my MAC should be 00-17-FC-47-1B-C5.
9. Open a command prompt and type arp –a.
10. Search for the device’s MAC address on the list.

11. My device IP is

Suprema devices have the same fixed hexadecimal digit for the first six digits.
The two digits after 00-17-FC are different based on the device model. Please refer to the chart below.

You can use this option if

  1. Your device does not have a LCD and it’s IP has been configured to a different subnet and you cannot figure it out with arp –a command on command prompt.
  2. Your device has a LCD but you don’t know the admin account and cannot access the menu. Additionally the device has a unknown subnet configured and you can’t search it with arp –a on command prompt.

You can use Wireshark to figure out the IP address of a device with a different subnet.

Arp –a command can only search devices within the same subnet.

You can download Wireshark from the following link

Follow the procedure below.
1. Install Wireshark.
2. Find the MAC address of the device with the device ID by using the chart above and a calculator.
3. Connect your device with your PC directly with an Ethernet cable.
4. I have a BioStation 2-OMPW and the ID is 546832586.
5. According to the chart above the MAC should start with 00-17-FC-98.
6. When I change ID from dec to hex on the calculator the result is 209800CA.
7. My device’s MAC address is 00-17-FC-98-00-CA.
8. Run Wireshark.
9. Go to Capture > Options…

10. Select your network card interface and click start.

11. Put a filter with the MAC address with the format shown below.

eth.addr == xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx 

12. Click on the arrow to start the filter.

13. Power off and power on the device.
14. Now you will only see packets that are coming from your device. Wait for 5 minutes if it doesn't appear.
15. Look for the arp request.

16. The device’s ARP request is ‘Who has Tell

  • The is the gateway set on the device
  • is the device IP

17. Connect your device directly to a test PC with BioStar 1 / 2 Server installed using a ethernet cable.

Note that 1.x firmware entry devices cannot be searched in BioStar 2.


18. Set the test PC IP into the same subnet range of your device.
19. Search and add the device in BioStar and change the device IP.

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