BioStar 2 Mobile Card

BioStar 2 Mobile Card
The global smartphone penetration rate has already exceeded 50%, and the penetration rate in advanced markets has already reached 65%. There have been many attempts to actively utilize them in various fields in accordance with the rapidly spreading smartphones, and this is also the case with access control.
If you can store your information and credential information from a smartphone that is used almost always in daily life instead of plastic cards that can be easily lost, you can secure security and convenience together. Systems that use smartphones as credentials for user authentication have already been developed by several companies, and systems using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) technology have been developed.

However, in order to use a mobile card, it is still necessary to get a card with a fee through a separate portal service or a separate recognition device is required. This situation is not different from the existing system.

Suprema’s BioStar 2 mobile card can be issued directly from BioStar 2 or BioStar 2 Mobile app without using portal services like any other system. In addition, the BioStar 2 Mobile app, which allows you to directly control the functions of BioStar 2 or monitor system logs, is used together to provide users with a unified user experience (UX).

A Single System for All.
The BioStar 2 mobile card does not require a separate portal service. In the BioStar 2 or BioStar 2 Mobile app you are already using, the administrator can issue the mobile card directly, and you can use the mobile card just by registering it in BioStar 2 Mobile App. The process of collecting issued cards is not difficult.

Imagine you need to issue access cards to hundreds or thousands of employees and manage your access cards for visitors. Taking all of the cost of buying raw cards, the cost of printing access cards, and the cost of managing them together will be time-consuming and costly. Imagine, however, using BioStar 2 and the BioStar 2 Mobile app, to issue mobile cards that store biometric information and access privileges to employees and issue mobile cards for visitors to use for a specified period of time. You will be able to operate the system at a much more convenient and economical cost.

Secure Your Information.
The BioStar 2 mobile card can store general user information and access rights as well as biometric information on the smartphone. It is safe because it stores all information on a smartphone without storing user information in access control device. Also, no information on the smartphone is stored in BioStar 2 or access control device.

You can use both the Access on Card1) and the Secure Credential Card2) with the BioStar 2 mobile card.

NFC and BLE.The Most Advanced Mobile Communication Technologies.
BioStar 2 mobile card supports both NFC and BLE. Android device can use both NFC* and BLE, and iOS device can use BLE only.

* NFC can only use devices that support Host Card Emulation (HCE).

What do I need to use my BioStar 2 mobile card?
First, make sure you have a smartphone that supports NFC or BLE. Customers who are already using BioStar 2 and Suprema devices can use it immediately after a few updates.

  • For Android smartphones, Android 5.0 Lollipop OS or later version
  • iOS 9.0 or later version for iPhones
  • BioStar 2.6.2 (Advanced License or higher)
  • BioStar 2 Mobile app 2.4.1 or later version (free)
  • Suprema devices that can recognize NFC cards or BLE cards.

Can I still use my old plastic access card?
Of course. If you use an NFC card, you can use MIFARE, DESFire, FeliCa, and iCLASS cards together. If you use a device that supports Multi-RF class, you can also use EM card or HID Prox card. BLE cards support currently only AWB model of FaceStation 2, but this model supports Multi-RF class, NFC cards as well as BLE cards, so almost any card can be recognized.

How is the communication between the mobile card and the device protected?
The BioStar 2 Mobile app uses the AES encryption algorithm to protect all of your information. Both BLE and NFC communications are protected using the 128bit AES encryption algorithm, and data stored on smartphones is also protected. It also protects you using your smartphone’s lock screen, app login, etc. to prevent unauthorized use by other users.

Do I have to purchase the BioStar 2 or BioStar 2 Mobile app?
No. The BioStar 2 mobile card can be issued directly from the free version of BioStar 2.4.1, and no separate service portal is required. The BioStar 2 Mobile app is also free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Can I use it on my existing system?
If you are using a device that can recognize NFC or BLE, you can use it through system integration development. Suprema provides web API to implement some functions of BioStar 2 on other systems and supports hardware integration using SDK.

What Suprema devices that can use mobile cards are available?
Devices such as Suprema’s latest access time and attendance control devices using face recognition or outdoor fingerprint recognition devices support mobile cards.

  • FaceStation 2: NFC and BLE
  • BioStation A2: NFC
  • BioStation 2: NFC
  • BioStation L2: NFC
  • BioEntry W2: NFC
  • BioEntry P2: NFC
  • BioLite N2: NFC and BLE
  • BioEntry R2: NFC
  • XPass D2: NFC and BLE

* For more information about each device, please visit

Access on Card: Allows you to save user information (Card ID, PIN, Access Group, and fingerprint templates) on the card.
Secure Credential Card: Allows you to save user information (Custom card ID, PIN, and fingerprint templates) on the card.