There has been an increase in demands for multiplatform as smart devices are getting popularity in the recent it market. At the same time, applications and APIs that support these smart devices are becoming more important than ever.

BioStar 2, an access control management software, is a web-based application that goes beyond its previous Windows Desktop application. This web-based application eliminates the need to install a separate client application to connect to the server and allows users to connect to the server using a web browser. This means that you can connect to the server from any operating systems that support a standard web browser.

BioStar 2 API is an open API and allows customers and partners to create a better business model by supporting them to develop applications and services easily. The combination of BioStar Cloud and BioStar 2 allows users to better utilize BioStar 2's multiplatform. This multiplatform support along with modularized architecture makes the integration with 3rd party systems easier.

BioStar 2 API

BioStar 2 API is what people call web services API or web API, and is an open API that everyone can use. Open API means that you open a set of APIs to allow others to use your own data and applications through network. Many internet portals (e.g. Google, Amazon) and SNS services (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) are already providing open API for partners and developers to create new business opportunities.
BioStar 2 API uses REST API1) and JSON2), so anyone can easily integrate BioStar 2 with 3rd party systems.

Using BioStar 2 API

Using BioStar 2 API means that you are using REST APIs and JSON as its data format to communicate with BioStar 2 server.

[Overall Architecture of BioStar 2]

This architecture allows developers to be dependent from operating systems and programming languages, so it's easy for developers to create a new application and integrate with 3rd party systems. Suprema provides users with BioStar 2 Mobile, which Suprema has developed using BioStar 2 API. Suprema Mobile supports Android and iOS and offers physical access control management features including user management, door management, monitoring and event notifications. In the past, users had to use a PC to perform access control-related tasks like user registration and access control privilege modification for a certain user. However, you can do these tasks anywhere anytime with BioStar 2 Mobile.

[BioStar 2 Mobile]

[Overall Architecture of BioStar 2 Mobile]

BioStar 2 Ecosystem

Suprema provides its partners and customers with BioStar 2's core functionality through BioStar 2 API and supports them to create better business models. You can easily integrate BioStar 2's functionality with your existing security solution or create new security solutions using BioStar 2 API. BioStar 2 API offers everything you need for integration and application development. BioStar 2 is a modularized architecture. so each feature of BioStar 2 is a separate module. This modularized architecture makes it easy to integrate with 3rd party systems and expand its own functionality.

[BioStar 2 Ecosystem]

In 2000, Roy Fielding suggested REST (Representational State Transfer) as software architecture style in his doctorate paper. After that, REST has been accepted by more and more developers across the globe. SOAP has a service oriented architecture while REST has a resource oriented architecture (ROA) where content (text, image, video) and data of the website are identified as a resource and given an URI for that resource. And basic HTTP methods (POST, GET, PUT and DELETE) are used to do the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) tasks.
JSON is an acronym of JavaScript Object Notation and a lightweight, text-based and language independent data exchange format. It is possible to represent complex relations of objects with characters, parenthesis and symbols only. JSON is used with many languages including PHP, C# and Python.