XS2-APB, XS2-QAPB and XS2-OAPB types of X-Station 2 model support HID iClass card type through SE processor.
For devices with the new SE processor, after upgrading the firmware to v1.1.4 or higher, you cannot downgrade to a lower version and downgrade the firmware customized in the lower version.
Devices with existing SE processor can be downgraded to a lower version.
For more information, check the serial number of the device and contact the Suprema. (

New features and improvement

1. Improved to not recognize configuration cards as CSN for 1 minute after device booting.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed smartcard output byte order setting. (Affects version: v1.2.1)

  • When using Wiegand or OSDP output, it is fixed to be affected by the smartcard output byte order when the Wiegand output information is set to send user ID.

2. Device does not recognize certain HID iCLASS Seos cards. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

3. The device turns off when the user Format Card in BioStar 2. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

4. When the device with the working Screen Saver is not used for a long time, a black screen occurs and the device freezes. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

5. Restart log is not logged in the device’s Event Log when the master device is restarted. (Affects version: v1.2.0)

6. QR authentication does not work on a device that has been using QR/Barcode authentication for a certain period of time (about 49 days or more). (Affects version: v1.2.0)

7. Device abnormally restarts when changing the device’s Network settings in BioStar 2. (Affects version: v1.0.0)

8. When the LAN cable connected to the device is disconnected and reconnected, it takes a long time for IP to be assigned by DHCP. (Affects version: v1.2.0)