SDK Introduction

The Suprema Versatile Platform (SVP) Android SDK is a programming interface designed to take advantage of the core functions of Suprema devices in other software. The SDK is made up of a set of APIs that make it easy to use the Suprema device's functionality for developing solution applications for time and attendance on Android.

Support Environment

The following SDK versions are supported:
- Minimum SDK version: 23
- Target SDK version: 28
If Android is updated, it will be continuously updated to support the latest version.


Android Studio is the recommended development environment. The SDK is provided as an Android library (AAR) file developed in the Android Studio environment. Although you can use the emulator to create the initial UI and develop the basic functions of the APP, Suprema devices are required in order to actually use the functions supported by the device.


If the Android library (AAR) file that comes with the SDK is used, the APP becomes part of the overall architecture. The Suprema SDK was developed to work with devices using the Java Native Interface (JNI).