New Features

  • Supports activating licenses for use of specific features on devices.
  • QR code recognition and authentication support using the camera.
  • Support setting the number of retries in case of socket read/write failure.
  • Supports 3rd party OSDP reader connection.

1. Added device license activation feature.

2. Added features for QR code authentication by using the camera.

3. Added retry count for communication used when an error occurs while reading or writing packets from the socket during communication.

Increasing the number of retries is a way to resolve temporary errors, but care must be taken as direct causes such as network disconnection occurs, can lead to wasted resources by meaningless read/write retries when reconnection is required.

4. Added feature to connect and manage 3rd party OSDP.

Modification function

1. Fixed memory leak caused by network switches keepalive check being misunderstood by the SDK.

2. This is a problem that occurs only in version, and a problem that can lead to abnormal termination during user registration while taking a log dump inside the SDK has been fixed.

3. Fixes were made to stabilize the code internally in the SDK.