Can we change the language to any other language than English?

Yes, you can add a language to a device by including a custom resource file to the device. Make sure to choose an appropriate character encoding type when you save the resource file since the character encoding type differs from one model to another.

ModelCharacter encoding type
BioStation UTF-8
BioStation T2 UTF-16
FaceStation UTF-16
X-Station UTF-16
On Microsoft notepad, Unicode is the equivalent of UTF-16. If you need to use UTF-16, save the file encoding as Unicode. 
Refer to the following external link: Unicode File in Notepad

How to add a custom language resource file to a device

1. Open the custom.rc file you received from Suprema on Notepad.

2. Comment out the two lines below Latin and uncomment two lines below the label of a language you want to add, as shown in the figures below (in this example, we are adding Arabic to a device):

3. Translate the text whose index is equal to or greater than 100 into the target language.

4. When you save the file, make sure that you have chosen the right encoding type for your device.

5. Run BioStar Client.

6. Go to Device > Display/Sound and click on the browse button for the Resource File field.

7. Choose Custom from the Language drop-down list and click Apply.

8. Click Yes when a dialog asking to restart the device to apply the custom resource file.