You can configure the alarm settings to specify an alarm sound to play and an email address for receiving alarm notifications, and decide whether to activate an alerting popup.

1. Go to Option > Event > Alarm Setting:

2. Step one brings up the Alarm Setting dialog. Set the Select Priority Level drop-down list to the priority level you want. Check the options you want to choose under the Action section and click Add.

  • Program Sound: If set, you can choose what sound to play and set the duration when an alarm sets off.
  • Send Email: If set, an email containing the information on an alarm will be sent to an email address registered here.
  • Acknowledge: If set, a popup window indicating that an alarm log record has been received from a device will show up on a PC where a BioStar client is running.

3. On the All Event dialog, check all the events you want to add and click OK.

4. Click Save to finish the settings.