BioStation (BSMW) can connect to BioStar through a Wi-Fi network and it works in the same way that it works on the LAN.

1. Go to the Network tab of the Device page on the BioStar client application. Change Lan Type to Wireless LAN.

2. Click Change Setting. This will bring up the WLAN Setting dialog.

3. Configure the Wi-Fi Settings based of the type of an access point that you want to connect to. Note that BioStation does not support WPA2. Then click OK.

4. Change the Lan Type option to Ethernet.

5. Click Apply to transfer the settings to the device.
6. Enter the menu of a device and go to Network > TCP/IP < F1 More > F3 WLAN.
7. Check if the settings are properly transferred.
8. Press ESC and change LAN Type to Wireless LAN and press OK.