Installing AXI Camera Station SDK

1. Install AXIS Camera Station that supports the NVR feature on your PC. You can purchase the software from AXIS distributors and resellers.

2. Install AXIS Camera Station SDK, which is included in the BioStar CD. You can find it in the Drivers\cameraSDK\AXIS folder. If you need the latest SDK, ask your local AXIS distributors and resellers.

Configuring AXIS Camera Station Server

1. Click on the tray icon and this will bring up the context menu. Select Open AXIS Camera Station Service Control.

2. Click on the Developer API tab, select Enable developer API and enter 50333 for Developer API port.

Configuring the camera settings of BioStar Client

1. For the Name field, enter a name.

2. From the Type drop-down list, select AXIS.

3. From the Model drop-down list, select AXIS.

4. For the IP Address field, enter the IP address of the AXIS NVR.

5. For the Port field, enter the port number you have configured in the settings of AXIS Camera Station Server.

6. For the User name field, enter an AXIS NVR login ID. If you log in to the server as a current Windows user, enter the current Windows account ID.

7. Click Apply and then Detect.

How to log in to AXIS NVR

1. Run Axis Camera Station Client.

2. Choose an AXIS NVR that you want to connect to and enter the IP address.

3. Enter a user ID and password. If you select *Log on as current user**, your current Windows account will be used for authentication.

4. If the settings are correct, you will be able to log in to the server.