BioStar allows administrators to build custom access groups by combining permissions for timezones and doors. With this capability, BioStar provides customizable, scheduled access control.

BioStar supports up to 128 timezones that consist of a seven day schedule, plus two holiday schedules. Each day in a timezone can include as many as five distinct time periods. Each access group can have up to 32 readers and each user can be assigned up to 4 access groups.

You can create an access group by performing the following steps:

1. On the Doors page, click Add New Door. Then add a device to the door.

2. On the Access Control page, click Add New Timezone.

3. Add New Access Group → Assign Door and Timezone.

4. Assign Users in the Access Group.

5. Transfer the access group and time information to the device.

6. Transfer the modified user to the device from UserTransfer All Users to Device. Select the Overwrite users with different information option when you transfer.

  • All users are assigned as “Full Access” as a default. To assign a new access group, you need to remove/delete the user from “Full Access” group.