Where can I find T&A event type from BioStar Database Table?

All the information is saved in nKeyEvent column of TB_TA_DEVICE_EVENT_KEY table.


It is required to set the event type from T&A setting page of connected device before distinguishing the T&A event type. As you can see below, Caption is what is shown on the device LCD screen and Event Type is what is actually used for T&A time calculation.

Case 1

Most common setting for event types is as below; Use of F1, F2, F3 and F4 key as a T&A key.

When the user authenticates after pressing F1 key, below is the actual information saved in nKeyEvent.

Numbers saved in the nKeyEvent and Event type are as below.

nKeyEvent Event type
0 Not use
1 Check-in
2 Check-out
3 In
4 Out

It is possible to set nKeyIdn column from 0 to 15. sEventName column refers to T&A caption.

Case 2

In this case, T&A Key captions are all set but Event Type is left as is. When the user authenticates by pressing the T&A key, this will not be affected as actual in or out.

When the user authenticates after pressing F1 key (Event type set as ‘Not use’), you can see the logs as below.

In this case, nKeyEvent column of TB_TA_DEVICE_EVENT_KEY table shows 0 since the Event type is set to Not use. This event is processed as it does not have T&A caption. In other words, it is processed as a normal log (No T&A key pressed).