BioStar supports four types of cards: EM, HID, Mifare CSN and Mifare Template cards.

How to issue EM, HID, and Mifare CSN cards

1. Go to the User page, choose a user to whom you want to assign a card in the User pane and click the Card tab.

2. Click Card Management and this will bring up the Card Management dialog.

3. Choose a device you want to use as a card reader from the Device ID drop-down list and click Read Card.

4. Click Apply to complete the card issuance process.

How to issue a Mifare Template card

1. You need to set the Use Template on Card option to allow users to verify themselves using their Template cards. You can set this option on the Operation Mode tab of the Device page:

Make sure that your device supports the Mifare card reading feature. The model name ends with 'M' like BEPM, BSM and BLNM if the device supports the Mifare card reading feature.

2. Go to the Fingerprints tab on the User page and click Add to add a fingerprint to the user. Then, click Apply.

3. Go to the Card tab on the User page, choose Mifare Template from the Card Type drop-down list and click Card Management.

4. Click Read Card to read the card serial number of a card. The card serial number will be shown in the Serial No. field after reading the card.

5. Click Write Card to write the user information onto the card. Then, click OK.

6. Click Apply to complete the Template card issuance process.