BioStar allows you to set up an alarm zone where you can determine how doors in the zone behave when someone breaks into the zone.

You can set up a fire alarm zone by performing the following steps:

1. On the Doors page, click Add New Zone.

2. Enter a name for the alarm zone and choose Alarm Zone from the Type drop-down list.

3. Click Add Device to add devices to the zone. This brings up the Add Device dialog.

4. Choose devices you want to add and click the right arrow button. This brings up the Select Zone Attribute/Type dialog.

5. Choose from the Device Attribute drop-down list and choose Card or Key for Arm/Disarm Type. Then, click OK and Save.
If you set Device Attribute of a device as Arm/Disarm, you can arm and disarm the zone using the device.

6. Click Add Input to determine the input type for the zone.

7. When there is an input signal from the input port specified here while the zone is armed, the alarm sets off.

  • Name: Type in a name for the input.
  • Device: Choose a device.
  • Available Input: Choose an input that you want to receive a signal from.
  • Switch: Choose a switch type
  • Duration: the length of an input signal to trigger the alarm

8. Now it's time to take a look at the settings on the Details tab.

9. You can specify how to arm and disarm the zone on the Arm/Disarm Setting dialog. Click Arm/Disarm Type to bring up the dialog.

1) Choose a device on which you read a card from the Read Device drop-down list.
2) Click Read Card to read a card.
3) Click Add to register the card.

4) When we add the devices to this zone, we have chosen Card for the method to arm and disarm the zone, so the settings in the Key section on the dialog is not applied to this zone.
If you have chosen Key for the Arm/Disarm Type option in step 5, you can arm and disarm the zone using the function keys of the device specified here.

10. Click Apply to transfer the settings to the devices.