If not for a specific reason, it is essential to apply the latest firmware for devices.
There will be additional features added to BioStar 2, and for the devices. However, if the current site is operating hundreds of devices, it is not an easy job to upgrade each device's firmware one at a time.
To avoid such inconvenience, the BioStar 2 supports a feature where you can upgrade the firmware for multiple devices.

  • The Same type of devices should be selected. The device model type and the supporting card type must be the same.
  • Ex) BioStation A2-OMPW

1. Select the devices that will be upgraded from the device list.

2. Click the 'Firmware Upgrade' button.

3. Select the firmware version to be applied to the devices.

4. Click 'Yes' to proceed with the firmware upgrade.

5. Once the firmware upgrade is done successfully, you will get a message.