How to Configure an Interlock Zone

To provide a secure interlock area, one of the doors must be locked when the external input, such as door status sensor, indicates that the other door is opened. This feature is usually considered important in laboratories or operation rooms where security of dust is of high concern.

Applied version: BioStar2 v2.6

Compatible case:

Only Local zone is supported for interlock zone

CoreStation should be a RS485 Master of the local zone

FW : v1.1.0 or higher version

The interlock zone will be supported by CoreStation firmware. It means that you can use any devices for Interlock Zone Configuration as slave devices of CoreStation.

1. Activate BioStar 2 AC license as standard or higher level For license inquiries, please contact to our sales representative.

2. Confirm the zone menu

3. Go to Device menu

4. Add CoreStation and its slave devices

5. Confirm the firmware version of the CoreStation is 1.1.0 or higher version

6. Go to [Door] menu and make two doors

7. Confirm if each door is configured for Door Sensor

8. Click [Zone]

9. Add Interlock Zone

10. Configure the door of the Interlock Zone

You can select up to 4 doors.

11. If you would like to make an alert sound or output signal, set an alarm of the Interlock zone

12. To confirm the configuration of the Interlock setting, go to Monitoring

13. Open one of the doors and keep the opened status, then try to authentication to same door

14. Confirm the [Interlock door open denied alarm] as follows