Before you start, check the fundamental course about BioStar 2 Mobile and Cloud. As it explains, the BioStar 2 server has to be connected to the Internet, and BioStar 2 2.1v or above should be installed for its use.

1. Go to Setting and Cloud.

2. Set Cloud Use to Use, the warning pop up message will show to guide to change the password level.

3. Back to the Setting menu and go to SECURITY.

4. Change the password level to be Medium or Strong.

  • Medium: Minimum of 8 characters with one or more alphabet, number required.
  • Strong: Minimum of 8 characters with one or more alphabet(Upper,Lower), number, and special character required.

5. Go back to the ClOUD setting, and change Cloud Use to USE and enter the subdomain name. The subdomain name is an unique key ID that distinguishes your BioStar 2 server from others. Then, enter your email address and click Apply button. You will receive a verification email to the email address. And the cloud will be able to be used after your email verification. Please do not change Cloud Server Address and change Port Used By Cloud only when the default port number is already in use. In addition, Version depends on BioStar version. In case of BioStar v2.3 or below version, set Version to v1. On the other hand, in case of BioStar v2.4 or above version, set Version to v2.

6. If you click the link to activate your BioStar 2 Server via BioStar 2 Cloud via your email, you will move to the page in order to register to BioStar 2 Cloud. Please enter your Login ID and Password and click Register button.

7. You will see the below page if you succeed in BioStar 2 Cloud registration.

8. You will see the below page if your server is not set to use HTTPS. Click the link and check the login page. You will not be able to login with admin/admin because it does not meet the complexity requirement of the password level. But with this page view, you can confirm the cloud connection.

9. Close the browser and go to USER tap with the original browser. And add a new user or edit an existing user except the default administrator user. And enter the basic information and set BioStar Operator and enter Login ID and Password according to the password level.

BioStar Operator Level
  • None: No operator privilege
  • Administrator: All rights (User / Preference / Device / Door / Elevator/ Zone / Access Control / Monitoring / Time & Attendance / Setting)
  • User Operator: User / Preference
  • Monitoring Operator: Monitoring / Preference / Dashboard (View only) / User (View only) / Device (View only) / Door (View only) / Zone (View only) / Access Control (View only)
  • T&A Operator: Time & Attendance / User (View only)
  • User: Own information (View only) / Time & Attendance (View only)

10. Launch BioStar 2 mobile app, and enter subdomain name and login ID and password.

11. Log the mobile app and tap the icon at the left top to check login details.

Video Demo