SDK API > BS2_QueryDeviceLicense

[+ 2.9.1] Get the device license activation/deactivation status of the device connected as master-slave.
This feature is available only on devices that support the device license activation feature, and the devices that support the feature are listed below.

Supported devices Firmware
XS2-Finger V1.2.0
XS2-Card V1.2.0
BS3 V1.1.0


#include "BS_API.h"
int BS2_QueryDeviceLicense(void* context, uint32_t deviceId, BS2_LICENSE_TYPE licenseType, BS2LicenseResult** outResultObj, uint32_t* outNumOfResult);


  • [In] context : Context
  • [In] deviceId : Device Identifier
  • [In] licenseType : Device License Type
Value Description
0x0000 None
0x0001 Visual QR
  • [Out] outResultObj : Pointer to structure to receive device license activation result
  • [Out] outNumOfResult : Number of device license activation result structures

The outResultObj parameter must be used and then returned memory to the system via the BS2_ReleaseObject function.

Return Value

If successfully done, BS_SDK_SUCCESS will be returned. If there is an error, the corresponding error code will be returned.

Sample Code(C++)

int getDeviceLicense(void* context, BS2_DEVICE_ID id)
	DeviceControl dc(context);
	BS2LicenseBlob licenseBlob = { 0, };
	vector<BS2LicenseResult> licenseResult;
	int sdkResult = BS_SDK_SUCCESS;
	BS2_LICENSE_TYPE licenseType = (BS2_LICENSE_TYPE)Utility::getInput<uint32_t>("Enter the license type. (0: None, 1: Visual QR)");
	sdkResult = dc.queryDeviceLicense(id, licenseType, licenseResult);
	if (BS_SDK_SUCCESS == sdkResult)
	return sdkResult;
int DeviceControl::queryDeviceLicense(BS2_DEVICE_ID id, BS2_LICENSE_TYPE licenseType, vector<BS2LicenseResult>& licenseResult)
	BS2LicenseResult* result = NULL;
	uint32_t numOfResult = 0;
	int sdkResult = BS2_QueryDeviceLicense(context_, id, licenseType, &result, &numOfResult);
	if (BS_SDK_SUCCESS != sdkResult)
		TRACE("BS2_QueryDeviceLicense call failed: %d", sdkResult);
		return sdkResult;
	for (uint32_t idx = 0; idx < numOfResult; idx++)
	return sdkResult;

Sample Code(C#)

	Console.WriteLine("Trying to get a license");
	Console.WriteLine("Enter the license type. (0: None, 1: Visual QR)");
	Console.Write(">>>> ");
	UInt16 licenseType = Util.GetInput((UInt16)BS2LicenseType.VISUAL_QR_MASK);
	IntPtr resultObj = IntPtr.Zero;
	UInt32 numOfResult = 0;
	BS2ErrorCode result = (BS2ErrorCode)API.BS2_QueryDeviceLicense(sdkContext, deviceID, licenseType, out resultObj, out numOfResult);
	if (BS2ErrorCode.BS_SDK_SUCCESS != result)
		Console.WriteLine("Got error({0}).", result);
		IntPtr curResult = resultObj;
		int resultSize = Marshal.SizeOf(typeof(BS2LicenseResult));
		for (UInt32 idx = 0; idx < numOfResult; idx++)
			BS2LicenseResult item = (BS2LicenseResult)Marshal.PtrToStructure(curResult, typeof(BS2LicenseResult));
			print(item, idx);
			curResult += resultSize;