The followings are a set of APIs that initialize device management information and that are used for dynamic memory control and PIN code generation.


    BS2_ENC_KEY_SIZE = 32,
typedef struct
    uint8_t key[BS2_ENC_KEY_SIZE];
    uint8_t reserved[32];
} BS2EncryptKey;

1. key
The key value used by the device.

2. reserved
Reserved space.


typedef struct {
    BS2_LICENSE_TYPE    licenseType;
    uint16_t            numOfDevices;
    BS2_DEVICE_ID*      deviceIDObjs;
    uint32_t            licenseLen;
    uint8_t*            licenseObj;
} BS2LicenseBlob;

1. licenseType
The type of license.

Value Description
0x0000 None
0x0001 Visual QR

2. numOfDevices
Number of licenses activated devices.

3. deviceIDObjs
Slave devices for which license information will be issued.

4. licenseLen
license activation file size.

5. licenseObj
License activation data block.


typedef struct {
    BS2_DEVICE_ID       deviceID;
    BS2_LICENSE_STATUS  status;
} BS2LicenseResult;

1. deviceID
Device identifier.

2. status
License status information.

Value Description
0 Not supported
1 Disable
2 Enable
3 Expired